Privacy Policy

Collection Of Information: collects customer information in order to relay information regarding offers on services and products, provide service to our customers and potential customers. When you either subscribe to our newsletters and services as well as place an order with us, information such as name, telephone number, email address, credit card information and shipping address may be stored on our server. Additionally, while browsing our website, information such as what pages you visited, what browser was being used and time of visit will be collected. You may contact us to edit, delete or update this information collected or log onto your account to edit this information.

We occasionally use this collected information and data to send information to provided addresses such as email and shipping addresses.

Usage Information / Analytics Collection: collects certain information automatically and stores it on our database. Some information collected includes IP addresses (internet protocol addresses), ISP (internet service provider), operating system, date and time on and browser type. This type of information is collected in order to provide a better user experience and to better advertise and market our products and services to you.

Cookie Collection:

We collect certain user information at various points of the browsing experience on This information is used to help improve the shopping experience as well as help us better target certain demographics when advertising and marketing. You may reject to cookies and disable them in your browser, but your shopping experience may be limited and suffer as a result. Furthermore, some features on our site may not work with cookies disabled. Because information collected is used towards advertising, cookies may be shared with third parties on our behalf.

Advertising / Targeted Advertising:

PRD Performance uses third parties providers and advertisers in order to advertise on either our site, our social media or other web sites. Sometimes technology such as cookies is used to gather information about your web site visiting practices and habits. This information is then used to narrow down advertising practices to make advertisements more customized to your preferences and habits. If you wish to not have this information collected, please turn off your cookies while browsing or stop your use of

Advertising/ Social Media:

At times, we may use customer information and media on our website. This information is defined as reviews provided from a customers about PRD Performance. Media is defined as pictures or videos provided to PRD Performance. This information can be used by PRD Performance as a result of PRD Performance being referenced in a social media post on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or internet forums. We would use this information and media on our website, social media pages as well as internet forums. At the request of the customer, we can remove said content. Requests can be made via our contact us page.

Information Entered:

Information such as personal email addresses, billing addresses, shipping addresses and credit card information collected by are never shared with anyone or any organization but PRD Performance and the providing customer/user. Email addresses may be used by PRD Performance to send information such as offers and news. If the user should decide they do not want to receive this type of information, they can opt out of it by unsubscribing. They can also contact PRD Performance to be removed. Emails with information based on past orders will still be sent and cannot be opted out of receiving.

Website Security:

PRD Performance uses secure servers to conduct internet transactions. This includes, but not limited to, financial and personal information. We do this by using SSL Encryption on This practice makes sure information such as credit card information is secure according to standard practices. Unfortunately, no information transferred or stored over the internet is 100% secure. This applies to any web activity and is not limited to the website. Because of this, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that information is 100% secure. Please enter information on our site at your own risk. If you feel this may be a problem, you can ask us to remove any information you provided that may be stored on our servers as well as refrain from entering sensitive information on our site.

Privacy Policy Changes:

From time to time, PRD Performance may change this Privacy Policy. If we do decide to change it, we will inform you by publishing the revised Privacy Policy on and those changes will go into effect on the date specified.